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Xtreme. For an extreme country!Meet Xtreme Italian oils in Ukraine!
Note - in Ukrainian colors). Such a coincidence. The brand name is Xtreme. And it appears on our market really in the most extreme period of our life. This is another coincidence. At the Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt we interviewed Micaela Sed, co-owner and general director of the AxxonOil plant (Xtreme brand), and Lorenzo Fusca, export sales coordinator.
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Klaus Feddermann, owner of the AUTLOG brand: «Zero compromises in quality questions!»The whole career of Klaus Feddermann is closely tied with the sale of automotive spare parts manufactured on enterprises, that primarily supply their products to assembly lines of automobile manufacturers. And, having offered the market his own brand AUTLOG, he remained true to this principle. I have been familiar with Klaus and his brand products for several years. It is time to interview. For which I went to Hamburg ...
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USI Italy. Duet with painterReduce airflow when the painter turned off the gun? Automatically turn off lights while drying parts? Or maybe you can independently choose the optimal settings mode depending on the materials used and the number of painted elements? Spray booths from USI Italia can rightfully be considered not just equipment, but an intelligent system aimed at increasing the efficiency of the painting area. They are produced at the only plant in Verona, Italy, where autoExpert visited.
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PAG: Next stepAs the progress in automobile motor construction and increased load on internal combustion piston engines increased, the requirements for lubricants also increased. Mineral bases were replaced by hydrocracking and various synthetic technologies. However, the search for the ideal motor oil continues. And today, technology based on polyalkylene glycols (PAG), which have the most outstanding characteristics at the moment and are environmentally friendly at the same time, has been implemented for internal combustion engines.
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Project autoExpert: Automotive from EuropeIn the Automotive from Europe project, specialists and journalists of the information agency autoExpert-Consulting visit the production facilities of European manufacturers of auto components, motor oils, auto chemicals and equipment for car services. As well as offices and warehouses of Automotive Aftermarket brands. Also, as part of this project, we conduct a test of auto parts, oils, auto chemicals and more on the FORD FOCUS C-MAX.

В рамках проекту Automotive from Europe спеціалісти та журналісти інформаційної агенції autoExpert-Сonsulting відвідують виробничі потужності європейських компаній-виробників автокомпонентів, виратних матеріалів та обладнання для автосервісів, офіси та склади брендів ринку Automotive Aftermarket. Також в рамках цього проекту відбувається тест автозапчастин, олив, автохімії та іншого на редакційному автомобілі FORD FOCUS C-MAX.
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FOSSER. Where do quality and speed come from?Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH from Werther is a part of the group of companies from Lower Saxony. The autoExpert magazine visited two of the largest companies in the industry in Germany: the oil production, and the bottling plants of the final products. We saw where and how FOSSER and ASTRON oils are produced and bottled.
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FOSSER. Endless PossibilitiesHaving nothing to hide is a sign of honesty and maturity. This is a very important sign to partners, both existing and potential. autoExpert's experience shows that such companies and brands win in the end. This interview with Ilona Wilms, co-owner and director of Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH, will be the first one in a series of articles about the FOSSER trademark.
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CS Germany. Flexible businessSprings are a key element in the entire suspension system, but often less attention is paid to them than to hinges, silent blocks and, moreover, shock absorbers. Although all these components exist only in order to provide conditions for the operation of the spring. In an ideal world with perfectly smooth roads, the wheel hub could be rigidly attached to the body – and no springs are needed. As well as all the other stuff mentioned above. Perhaps the reason for this inattention is that the spring is considered the simplest component consisting of only one part. But in fact this is far from true! In the manufacture of springs, many conditions must be met in order to obtain a truly functional and durable spare part.

The German company CS Germany is one of the veterans of the coil and leaf spring market, to which autoExpert went for information. The company co-owner Eckhard Lange became our guide to this accurate world.
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BCGUMA. Made in Ukraine for EuropeThe history of the company lasts for almost 20 years and today the Ukrainian trade mark BCGUMA is rapidly gaining popularity in Ukraine and abroad. The range of products includes about 600 items and continues its planned growth. And all this - despite the unfavorable conditions for the manufacturing business in Ukraine. How does the Ukrainian flagship of the rubber-reinforced automotive parts production live and develop? AutoExpert magazine was told and shown in the Belotserkovsky company BCGUMA.




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